Edilar, who is the leader at providing Basic Education teachers with materials, technology, teaching resources, continuous professional development services and financial support to help improve career development as well as life quality, is very proud to announce our new specialized ELT division:

Princetown holds a team of experts in Education and English Language Teaching, who develop products for the public and private sectors to fit the aims of the New 2018 Educational Model regarding the teaching and learning of English in Basic Education and also meet the Common European Framework of Languages outcome profiles therefore helping you at evaluating your students on international parameters and helping your students perceive English as a means of communication for real life purposes, rather than as a subject in the curricula.

Finally, and as part of our academic services, we also provide courses, talks, chats and different supporting scenarios to help teachers keep updated and develop techniques and strategies to improve their daily practice and facilitate knowledge.

Finally, we want to wish you the best of luck throughout this school year and remember that we will be ringing a bell very soon to become your best teaching partner ever!